The Association Waltz

How associations use websites and listservers
to form connections to their members
and generate non-dues revenue in three steps.

Step 1: Reach-out

Create a webpage: be prepared to update it every week.

Build a membership email database: Review every contact point with your members.  Add the website address to every card, newsletter, letterhead, and publication.  On the website and on every form, ask the members for their email address.

Send a weekly email to the email database: Create a one page executive summary newsletter to be sent once a week.  Write one paragraph on each topic and link each back to the complete story on your website.  The members can choose which topics interest them.  Even if only 10% of your membership have email, you will still be able to generate value and revenue.


Step to
the side
Step 2: Empower

Create specialized listservers: Generate peer to peer communication between members with listservers for specific issues or problems.  Listservers are electronic mailing lists.  One message sent to the listserver is automatically re-sent to everyone on the mailing list.


Bring it
Step 3: Realize Value

Sell ads: Your listservers and weekly email news letters will generate traffic on your site.  Make this audience available to your vendors and suppliers.  Sell a banner to support the newsletter or one of the special listservers.



Continue to repeat the process: Build a better email list. Update and expand your website. Continue the association wide weekly summary. Add additional listservers for new topics and problems. Generate revenue from sponsors.

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